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The healing power of water – It’s the natural element of the all-expense paid “Hero Getaway” fishing trip for deserving veterans, police officers or firefighters that has taken place annually, since 2012, at Garrison’s Resort on Balm Lake, Minnesota. This unique opportunity provides a stress-free environment of fishing the best lakes in Minnesota and fellowship for those individuals who have raised their right hand to take an oath and who have made sacrifices to be part of something bigger than them.


I, Michael Dove, tournament angler, founder of Dove Fishing LLC, military veteran and retired Chief of Brownsburg Police Department, Indiana host this event each year with Mike and Sheri Garrison of Garrison's Resort. Each guest, free of charge, is provided with fishing equipment, gear, lodging and meals. Several quality fishermen are invited to participate and are organized to bring their boats and expertise to teach each guest the proper techniques of bass fishing. Our heroes enjoy nightly meals and a campfire with a peer group ready to engage in meaningful, stress-relieving conversation.