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Mike Dove was born in Indianapolis, Indiana but at the age of 10 moved to Minnesota. This where he developed his passion for fishing and it truly became a part of him. Mike eventually moved back to Indiana where he graduated from Brownsburg High School and then immediately enlisted in the Navy.


After serving in the Navy, Mike moved back to Brownsburg where he began his career in law enforcement by becoming a Reserve Officer. Over the next 27 years Mike held every sworn rank at the department including Shift Supervisor, Training Officer, Swat Commander, Undercover Operations, Crime Scene Investigator, Detective, and Assistant Chief of Police until he was appointed Chief of Police in 2010. During Mike's career he had extensive training in a variety of specialized law enforcement including Tactical Command, Special Weapons and Tactics, Certified Crime Scene Investigator, Emergency Vehicle Operations Instructor, Active Shooter Instructor, Advanced Incident Command, and graduated from the 223rd Session of the FBI Academy.


Throughout Mike's law enforcement career he continued to fuel his passion of fishing by competing in Bass Tournaments across the United States while building relationships in the industry. Since Mike's retirement in 2016 he has been actively involved in the fishing and consulting industry. Mike ceased the opportunity to begin the Hero Getaway in 2012 to give back to the police officer, firefighter, and veteran community.


  • 1989: U.S.S. Ticonderoga Captain's Award

  • 1989: Two Coast Guard Operations Awards

  • 1993: Medal of Valor- Brownsburg Police Department

  • 1996: Letter of Excellence- Town of Brownsburg

  • 1996: Award of Excellence- Brownsburg Police Commission

  • 2001: American Legion Commanders Award

  • 2001: Excellence in Investigations- Brownsburg Police Department

  • 2001: Hendricks County Officer of the Year

  • 2006: Top Gun Award- Brownsburg Police Department

  • 2007: Top Gun Award- Brownsburg Police Department

  • 2010: Best Police Officer of the Year- Hendricks County Flyer Group

  • 2011: Accommodation as Chief from National Accreditation as the Highest Rated Police Department in the United States.

  • 2012: Meritorious Service Medal

  • 2014: Brownsburg High School Alumni of the Year

  • 2016: Excellence in Community Relations Award- Brownsburg Police Commission

  • 2016: Drug Operations Award- United Drug Task Force

  • 2016: Letter of Record- US Congress

Throughout Mike's career he received over 30 accommodations from various police departments and organizations.